15 Simple Tricks to Catch Fish Faster

Whether in a lagoon in Venice or in a lake in Utah, anyone who’s ever fished has experienced the long dry days spent doing nothing. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With these simple tips, you could have your line tugging in no time when you’re out fishing:

1.) Choose the Right Equipment: Don’t get bogged down because you got the wrong line for the job. Learn which lines will work for the fish you’re trying to catch.

2.) Use Sharp Hooks: The sharper the hook the easier it is for prey to get snagged on it and the less likely a fish can swim away with the bait.

3.) Consider Bait: This requires some prior reading up but one more small investment to an unforgettable day. The right bait will have the rope tugging the whole day.

4.) Get The Right Time: Dusk and dawn are when the fish are biting. Most flee the afternoon heat so it’s best to be around when they are.

5.) Use The Right Casting Technique: There are many ways to cast a line. Make sure you use the one that works for you.

6.) Sit Still: Patience is the fisherman’s virtue. Bobbing the bait will only make the fish more cautious and extend your wait.

7.) Tug Your Line: Yank the bait out of the water with a quick tug. The force will make the hook sink into the fishes flesh. Pulling it slowly can result in the fish escaping.

8.) Face Windward: Fish often swim with the current. Facing the wind means that the fish will see the bait before they see the boat improving chances of them taking it.

9.) Get a Weather Forecast: There’s nothing harder than catching fish after a storm because they swim lower to avoid it. Calm days and nights are the best predictors of a full day of fishing.

10.) Change Depth With Season: Fish lay their eggs in shallow water and so in spring there are always more biting near the shores.

11.) Use Red Bait: Red bait often convinces the fish that the bait is injured and so is more likely to be taken.

12.) Make Your Bait Skip on Water: This might take some experience in casting, but if you can get your bait to skip across the water it will reach out farther making it harder for fish to associate it with your boat.

13.) Look For Signs: Even when empty, lakes are always swimming with signs of where the fish are such as birds flying on top. Go to where they are biting.

14.) Don’t lose focus: Fishing requires patience, not negligence. Always be ready to reel your bait the moment something bites.

15.) Use Crippled Bait: Many fish scrutinize bait and by using wounded dry flies you are sure to send a message that there are easy pickings for them.

Fishing should be fun not tedious. Maybe with these tips and a few days practicing, you’ll soon be writing the book Fishing Trip in Venice. 

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